about us

since 1917

Our grandfather Edson Kellogg began picking up rugs for cleaning in 1917 with a pick-up truck.  Back then rugs were only dusted in a machine called a star duster.  It looked alot like a ferris wheel.

Over the years we had an upholstery shop and cleaned feather pillows along with rebuilding mattresses

In 1963 Stanley kellogg who took over the business after WW2 added an automatic rug washing machine called a Mirza built in Elkhart Indiana

Automatic machines like this were essentially a car wash for rugs.  Wash plants were in many cities throughout the country. with the advent of wall to wall carpet the amount of rugs to wash decreased and many plants went out of business .  

We kept this part of the business going even though we had only enough to wash a couple days a week.  the Albany area had two very large and modern plants, none of which exist today. In 1980 we took over the customers from Careful Carpet in Troy and began picking up weekly 

Like all trends and styles things change. Now rugs are back in style and we currently wash around 10 to 12 thousand rugs a year.

Customers have rugs picked up and bring them in for a cash and carry discount.  We also have an extensive service with Dry cleaners and pick up weekly throughout the area from the north county to south of Albany

We began selling retail floor coverings in 1979 to our  network of cleaning customers.  At first it was mostly carpeting directly from Dalton Ga.  carpet mills.   As wood flooring became popular and already washing area rugs for customers for years we began importing hardwood flooring directly from Canada from various mills.  Today we sell all types of residential and commercial carpet,vinyl,hardwood and area rugs.