Area Rug Washing

In-plant area rug washing.  Completely washes,wrings and drys all types of area rugs

Rugs are dried in a controlled dry room to 140 degrees killing any bacterial,bugs etc delivering a completely sanitized rug


We offer pick-up and delivery through-out the north country and discounts for cash and carry

Other services include new padding,binding,new fringe and alterations

Pricing for washing common sized rugs:

rug size              machine made          oriental hand knot

3x5                             21$                                   25$

4x6                             38$                                   47$

5x7                             55$                                   68$

6x9                             85$                                   105$

8x10                           126$                                 156$

9x12                           162$                                 200$

10x12                         180$                                 222$

We pick up in glens falls,north country,and saratoga region on wed

Pick ups in Albany area is on fridays

There is a 20$ pick up and delivery charge for 1 rug or multiple rugs. ( you will be only charged 20$ regardless of how many you send

If you can bring your own rugs in you will avoid any pick up and delivery charges and receive a 10% discount on your order if you prepay

Rugs can be brought in any week day from 9 to 5